API Response

The API Response feature streamlines the process of generating consistent and standardized JSON responses in your API. It provides a set of methods for creating both successful and error responses, ensuring clarity and coherence in your API interactions.

Table of contents

  1. How to use
  2. Success Response
  3. Error Response
  4. Available Methods
  5. Conclusion:

How to use

To take advantage of the API Response functionality, include the ApiResponse trait in your class:

use Essa\APIToolKit\Api\ApiResponse;

class YourController extends Controller
    use ApiResponse;

    // Your methods here

Success Response

The responseSuccess method generates a successful JSON response with a specified message and data:

$car = // Your car data here

return $this->responseSuccess('Car created successfully', $car);

The response structure will be:

    "status": 200,
    "message": "Car created successfully",
    "data": // Your car data here

Error Response

The APIError method constructs an error response with a given status code, title, and optional details. You can use other provided error response methods like responseNotFound, responseUnAuthorized, and more to generate specific error responses.

return $this->responseUnAuthenticated('Unauthenticated.', 'Unauthorized');

The error response structure will be:

    "errors": [
            "status": 401,
            "title": "Unauthorized",
            "detail": "Unauthenticated."

Available Methods

Here is a list of available methods for generating standardized responses:

Function Status Code
responseSuccess($message , $data) 200
responseCreated($message,$data) 201
responseDeleted() 204
responseNotFound($errorDetails,$errorTitle) 404
responseBadRequest($errorDetails,$errorTitle) 400
responseUnAuthorized($errorDetails,$errorTitle) 403
responseConflictError($errorDetails,$errorTitle) 409
responseUnprocessable($errorDetails,$errorTitle) 422
responseUnAuthenticated($errorDetails,$errorTitle) 401
responseWithCustomError($errorTitle, $errorDetails, $statusCode) -


The API Response feature simplifies the process of generating standardized responses in your API. By including the ApiResponse trait and utilizing the provided methods, you can ensure consistent and clear interactions between your API and clients, enhancing the user experience and overall code maintainability.